Go Stubborn on Nature.

We all dislike a stubborn person true/false? I am guessing your answer is true.Well,not necessarily the person sometimes. And we clearly wouldn’t even know It because of how irritated we feel about them. A whole lot of the times, we hate their guts,their unbreaking spirit for always saying their piece,either good or bad.They just want things to go their way.Some days we find fancy other days we find irritating. But one thing is certain, they are always standing for what they want or believe.

Maybe we all should emulate this singular act of stubbornness in a good way. What do I mean? Maybe you ain’t looking at life the right way. Maybe you should learn the act of stubbornness from a stubborn kid when it comes to the aspect of life and the things you want.

Like a stubborn child in positive way, always show up everyday for the things you love like it’s all you’ve got(consistency). Just maybe the universe wouldn’t be able to stand your guts again someday, and reward you for your act of stubbornness,and a show of consistency just maybe.



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