People are like magnets.We have beautiful people,ugly people,fine people,short People,fat people,great People,annoying people,awesome people, and lots more with different kind of make up and what they emit either good or bad, which comes with a particular force and part of which comes with a lot of attraction of one another.

However, We are always led to believe that you are what you attract to some extent which i can’t entirely disagree but that can’t be the entire context, because people are and can be alot of things most of which is so amazing and annoying at same time and distinctly too. But they can never be only what they attract and that’s for once some one aspect of looking at things.For example:- Because I am a Doctor and I save lives,does that mean I should attract patients only who would receive treatment and not choose to pay Me? Or because I care so much I should attract those that will come to hurt me? Or because I sing I should attract those who would want me for their own benefits alone?.

The Thing is humans are a whole lot and just like honeys but even way sweeter and better than Honey that’s why as flies are attracted to honeys is almost the case with humans to others.

Being sweet as a person will attract all kind of persons to you either good or bad. You have to be willing to look at life this way that because you are sweet and you emit a certain kind of energy that radiates on others and amplifies the earth’s unique qualities, you can never attract only good things or good people. It’s preety sad I know but that’s life for you. Just like flies would want to taste the honey(Your honey). So be willing to look out for yourself while you attract everything and anything Cause nobody will do that for you and nobody cares how you feel at the end..You can only give freely or give without you knowing or give in exploitation. One must actually occur I speak from the last choice today. lastly you are only human too.

So protect yourself with your new kind of way of living,so you can reduce disappointments that comes with people.


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Wisdom Fimie

Wisdom Fimie

I am an optometrist that loves writing,talking about life,relationships and personal development, i write to enlighten,inspire,encourage and boast morale.